Meta foil

Dynamic and digital content can be displayed on for a highly effective and interactive display of Ad contents which will give a long lasting impression of your product in the viewers mind. This revolutionary concept of advertising is ideal for


Interactive table

A single or multi user interactive table which can be used as a kiosk or a game table.


Interactive floor

Bring the floor alive by displaying interactive games and Ads on the floor.


Touch 3D Stylus

Hands-on digital. Designed for intuitive 3D sculpting, Touch eliminates the intimidation of traditional 3D modeling


iSense 3D Scanner

Take your world from physical to digital. This is exclusively for your iPad


CubePro 3D Printer

3D printing. Real. Pro. Work smart, play hard and print productive with the CubePro, powerfully designed to take your 3D printing professional. Go pro with CubePro


Interactive Wall

Change any wall in to a motion sensor based interactive and exciting fun zone for kids and adults.


Cube Cartridges

Snap-in, compostable PLA, ABS or INF plastic material cartridge for Cube